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Stopping in Venice after a week of Greek island hopping made for a perfect stop over. Why Venice you ask…well we wanted a destination that would only take 1 full day to see and trust me that’s all you need.

We flew into Marco Polo Airport and after purchasing our ferry ticket (15€ pp round trip) made the short walk out to the boat. Water taxis can be pricey about 100€ each way but if you have more in your party and wish to save on time they can be a good option.

Our hotel was located just a few blocks away from San Marco Square so after dropping our bags we went on the hunt for PIZZA!
With fantastic weather and it being the Easter Holiday Venice was buzzing with tourists, but when is it not. I have to say it feels like you are walking around inside a postcard, the Baroque & Venetian Gothic architecture is fascinating – it just doesn’t seem real.

Strolling through the piazza we were drawn to a cafe with a live band and some delectable looking desserts. Il Caffè Florian was established in 1720 and is said to be the oldest coffee house in operation. We decided to splurge and went for the Coppa Amaretto: Coffee, Amaretto and chocolate ice cream, Amaretto liqueur, crushed Amaretti, whipped cream…drooling yet? It’s a must if you love decadence and great people watching.
On our only full day we got an early start and with no line we ascended the St. Mark’s Campanile to get the best views of the city. (Tickets 8€ pp) This is a MUST!

We headed down just as the storm hit so we ducked into Saint Mark’s Basilica and took our time examining the intricate mosaics that stretch floor to ceiling. Entrance to the Basilica was free although there are areas inside that require a 2-4€ donation which we did not partake in.

Venice is the perfect city to get “lost” in- (remember you’re on an island) every alley and canal you follow could take you to a hidden gem or a dead end, but that’s the fun of it. If it was more than a drizzle the shops became a haven where we could see local Murano glass or take a closer look at the elaborate carnival masks that Venice is famous for.

Located a block from St. Mark’s Square on the Grand Canal is Harry’s Bar.  Another item on our bucket list was to have the Original Bellini- so we bellied up to the small five stool bar and were promptly handed the peach & prosecco concoction with a complimentary chicken nugget.

*I saw everything I needed to see with my two nights in Venice and had a blast doing so but there is no desire to go back. Unlike my experience in Rome, Florence & the Amalfi Coast this place did not feel authentic.