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Amsterdam has always been on my list and was never sure when I would make it up to the land of windmills and wooden shoes till last February- granted, it’s not the ideal time to visit but was wonderful nonetheless.

WARNING: wandering this city involves dodging bikes, scooters, cars & trams- pretty much every mode of transportation is used in this city.

When the sun was shining I strolled through the labyrinth of canals and flower market and even took a cruise which is the best way to see the city: Thanks to Blue Boat Company . When the rain came (or even snow!) it was the perfect opportunity to duck into a cafe for a Heineken or my new fav Mint Tea!

Traditional pancakes are a must so hit De Vier Pilaren near the entrance to VondelPark, get your fix of fries and mayo from the many take away shops around the city and of course stopping at a market stall for a warm Stroopwafel can’t be missed.

Explore the many museums from Van Gogh, Rijksmuseum along with the Anne Frank House and although I do not have pictures of the Red Light District it is worth a stroll to see what it’s all about.