Top Ten: Reasons to have a Destination Wedding

  1. SAVE MONEY- to put it simply destination weddings will be more bang for your buck!
  2. VACATION– think of this as a getaway for family & friends. Spend a long weekend with your loved ones instead of one evening.
  3. SIMPLICITY- properties have a built in planner with a list of preferred vendors so it cuts down on your research time.
  4. EARLY HONEYMOON- whether you extend at the same property or venture to a new one- start your honeymoon the moment you wake from your wedding.
  5. NUETRAL GROUND- deciding on a location is tough when families are from different cities but this way everyone must travel for the nuptials.
  6. GUEST LIST- keep it intimate & the perfect reason for why your cousin’s girlfriend’s sister is not invited.
  7. STUNNING PHOTOS- no need to go crazy on décor when you have a fabulous beach backdrop.
  8. VALUE- your guests will receive discounted rates & amenities at most resorts when you book a group stay.
  9. UNIQUE- all your friends got married at the local country club but yours will be the talk of the town.
  10. ANYTHIING GOES- throw out certain traditions and embrace new ones…barefoot ceremony anyone?

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