Londolozi Safari


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Safari truly is an experience of a lifetime and if you ever have the opportunity TAKE IT! There are many amazing lodges or camps around South Africa and after doing much research I settled on Londolozi, a family run camp located inside Kruger Nation Park, it is were I would spend 3 nights.
Typical day on safari:
5 AM: Rise and Shine
As much as I wanted to push snooze a thousand times the excitement of the day got me outta bed (an incredible comfortable one at that). After making some coffee and indulging in some homemade chocolate chip cookies I was fetched by staff to walk me to the main lodge. 
6 AM: Sunrise Game Drive
The early morning wake up is well worth it as you see the bush come alive along with the hopes of seeing the Big Five- Lion, Leopard, Elephant, Rino and Cape Buffalo. 
7 AM: After watching two hyenas circle a snoozing leopard hoping for the leftovers of her kill to fall from the tree we ventured further into the bush as there were talks of lions nearby. 
8 AM: After sighting a few Giraffes and a Hippo above water it seemed like we were on the right track….
9 AM: Spotted- 3 Lion brothers looking for their pride
10 AM: We followed them for a while and snapped some incredible pictures but once they seemed to settle in for their afternoon nap we headed back to camp for some breakfast and R&R.
11 AM: After a successful morning of game viewing it was time for a big breakfast followed by an even bigger nap….
Noon- 2 PM: enjoying a lazy afternoon in my chalet at Founders Camp. 
During the afternoon break Londolozi offers many activities such as a bush walk, yoga, massage and fishing. 
3 PM: Head back to the main lodge for high tea and some lunch before the sunset game drive
4 PM: Sunset Game Drive: 
We weren’t even outside camp before we saw another animal on our Big Five bucket list
5 PM: More incredible animals were sighted but we needed the Rino so we could hit the Big 5 all in one day and sure enough he appeared. One of my favorite moments was watching a leopard get chased up a tree after a failed attempt to take down a buffalo.
6 PM: After an amazing day it was time for some gin & tonics on the hood of the rover.
 7 PM-10 PM: Time to freshen up for dinner. The weather was fantastic so it called for a boma- we dined under the stars, received a performance from a local village and drank wine while discussing and comparing our day with other guests.
10PM – till the wee hours: after dinner I stayed up with the staff for some more cocktails and finally made my way back to get in a few hours of sleep before another day of safari.

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