Delta One

I was lucky enough to fly Delta One from Milan -> Atlanta and with 10+ hours in the air I took advantage of all of the amenities it had to offer…

Highlights include: 180 degree lay flat bed with Westin Heavenly® Bed, chef curated meals & wine selection from Master Sommelier Andrea Robinson, Tumi amenity kit with my favorite Kiehls products & all the entertainment you could want…4 movies later.

The configuration is a 1-2-1 meaning all are aisle seats – it helps avoid the awkward mid flight straddle of your seatmate when you need to use the restroom. (TIP: I use hotel slippers during flight) The food was solid and no need to choose a starter as you receive all three! Also who doesn’t want an ice cream sundae in flight. * I happened to be in the restroom when the warm chocolate chip cookies came out and when I asked if any were left they brought the tray of like 8 and just left it with me….I won’t divulge how many I consumed.

The service was wonderful and if you every fly to Italy and have Marco as your attendant you are in for a real treat. I spent about 20 min discussing travel (in particular Italy) and he gave me a whole list of off the beaten path villages I must visit- which will come in handy when I do a month in Italy (a girl can dream).

Overall I had a wonderful experience with Delta One and exceeded my expectations with a Business/First US Airline.