Victoria Falls

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Located on the border of Zambia & Zimbabwe there is The Smoke that Thunders… the translation of what locals call Victoria Falls. With all of my research in planning my South African trip the falls seemed to be apart of every major itinerary and at first it was not on the top of my list but then why go all that way and not see what is considered the largest waterfall in the world.

The Royal Livingstone would be our home for 2 nights and the property is just fantastic…
Upon arrival you are greeted by the friendly and charismatic staff that take you into the lounge where you receive a hand massage during check in. You are instantly relaxed and feel right at home. The hotel is walking distance to the falls, has a pool next to the Zambezi River with a deck overlooking the falls, Zebras that roam the property and cheeky monkeys who scamper away when the man with the slingshot approaches. (it provided great entertainment) 

One of the activities that sold me on visiting Zambia is that is one of the few places in the world you can ride an elephant. The ride takes place within the Mosi-oia-Tunya National park about 10km from Livingstone. The experience runs around $185.00 per person

Another activity that I highly recommend is the helicopter tour. It is by far the best way to see just how massive the falls really are. 15min ride about $140.00 per person

If you plan on making your way to South Africa or Botswana put Victoria Falls on the list. Plan accordingly to the season if you wish to see the falls in full force (like I did) or in the low season when you can experience things like the Devils Pool!

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