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Agra is home to the Taj and on most tours that is all you see of the city but if you have the time there are some other great attractions that are a must.


Taj MahalSee more here

Agra Fort– built as a military fort along with being the royal residence. It is here that Shah Jahan was imprisoned and died while over looking the Taj Mahal where his love, Mumtax Mahal was entombed.

Baby Taj– Properly known as Tomb of I’timad-ud-Daulah was considered the draft of the Taj Mahal and includes incredible marble detail that you are allowed to touch and see up close.


Marble – it is here that you can see the craftsman’s who have learned their skill from ancestors who built the Taj Mahal and how they intricately lay precious/semiprecious stones into tables, boxes and figurines. *Note- the shipping is nominal so we picked up a side table that arrived 3 days after we returned from our trip!

Embroidery- years and years it takes to create just one wall panel especially when they use the art of 3D embroidery- layers upon layers of thread create a tufted look that will never lose shape. I had the pleasure of snapping a photo of one of the most famous Taj pieces seen above.

Gems- if you are to snag one stone while in India it has to be the Star Ruby! Aptly named as when the light hits the ruby creates a 6 pointed star- unique and a must splurge item.


Kesar Restaurant– nothing fancy but amazing local food with a smile. I was treated to a private sitar lesson and music while dining so if you wish to venture out of the hotel this is a great lunch spot.


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